Salt Lake City: Parley's Trail

2023-04-20 7.5 miles

I started at Sugar House Park and followed the trail all the way up to the Grandeur’s Peak Trailhead, then looped back.


The elevation is brutal: first off, you’re at or above 4000 feet the whole time so the air is thin. More importantly though, over a 3 mile strech (starting just less than a mile into the run) you climb 1100 feet.


I ran this on a cold April day and it was tough but satisfying. Much of the run follows a highway but is separated enough to feel comfortable, and the incline is so significant that you really feel like you’re running up into the mountains.

Sugar House Park
Sugar House Park, where I started
Running up into the mountains
Running up into the mountains
Looking downhill
When you finally turn around, it's a relief to look downward at the trail in front of you