About Me

Ethan Talking

I’m Ethan, a Chicago-based technologist, consultant, and teacher. I specialize in Python and data systems.

My day job is as a developer at Capital One, where I work across various cybersecurity-enabling services.

I also teach Python and related tech. You can see what I teach here. Additionally, I offer consulting services on designing and building complex data systems.

Beyond my professional life, my interests are varied. Running is something that’s been a big part of my life for years, and I have a section of the site devoted to my thoughts on various running routes.

I also like sports, video games, and occasional tech projects – all of which pop up occasionally in my regular blog posts. As far as tech, I have a particular interest in the design of programming languages and compilers/interpreters.

I tweet infrequently, but you can find me on Twitter @eswan18.