Seattle: Capitol Hill & Arboretum

2023-09-19 7.9 miles

I ran from my Airbnb in Capitol Hill up to the Washington Park Arboretum. Getting there was about 1.5 miles, the Arboretum itself was a bit under 3, and the winding return route I took (to make my way through Interlaken Park) accounted for the remaining 3.5 or so.


This was my favorite run in a while, partly because of the weather but also because of how quiet it was1. The Arboretum trail wasn’t crowded, and the run through Interlaken Park was almost surreal. The main trail/road through the park is on a ridge, so you get great views and also run by some very expensive houses. Over a couple of miles, I didn’t see a single car and only two other runners.

The path around the Arboretum
The path around the Arboretum
The road through Interlaken Park
The quiet road through Interlaken Park

The elevation changes in this run were significant. Getting to the Arboretum took me through a neighborhood with very steep downhills. Things got reasonably flat for the next several miles, but on the return from Interlaken Park I had to make up most of the elevation It’s a very gradual climb over a mile or so but a more difficult way to finish a run.


  1. I did this mid-morning on a Tuesday, which contributed to the lack of traffic. ↩︎