What I'm Reading and Listening To, January 2024

2024-01-28 ~300 words

A few people have recently asked me what newsletters I read or podcasts I listen to. As of right now, here’s the list of what I keep up with:


  • The Morning Briefing by The New York Times – general news
  • Slow Boring by Matt Yglesias (paid version) – political commentary
  • Noahpinion by Noah Smith (paid version) – political and economic commentary
  • Silver Bulletin by Nate Silver (paid version) – political and sports commentary
  • Money Stuff by Matt Levine (free) – financial news and (amusing) commentary
  • Benedict’s Newsletter by Benedict Evans (free version) – tech business news and commentary
  • Stratechery by Ben Thompson (free version) – tech business commentary
  • The Pragmatic Engineer by Gergely Orosz (free version) – software development commentary
  • Python Weekly (free) – news and articles relating to Python (the programming language)