FastAPI Tutorial

Hands-on exploration of building a RESTful API with Python and fastapi. Meant for students who are comfortable with Python but have no experience with web development, such as data scientists.

Python for Data Science #1 – Intro

Using Python as a data analysis tool, focusing primarily on data wrangling via the pandas library. Includes both lecture and case study.

Python for Data Science #2 – Intermediate

Builds on Intro to Python for DS. Covers control flow, functions, and an introduction to modeling with scikit-learn, along with basic environment management using Conda.

Python for Data Science #3 – Advanced

Learn the basics of scikit-learn, version control with Git, building modular applications, and more, as we work through a real ML modeling problem together.

Python for Web Scraping

The basics of HTML and web requests for people who want to scrape websites and have prior Python experience. Focuses on the beautifulsoup and requests libraries.

Python Package Development

What makes a Python package and how you can build one yourself? We’ll answer those questions together as we develop our own small Python library.