Favorite Content

Below I’ve listed my favorite content on the internet. I also use my second twitter account, @content_ious, to tweet things that I found particularly compelling.


Money Stuff – Finance isn’t my field, but even for a casual reader, this newsletter is sometimes hard to put down. The author hits a few relevant news items of the day and explains them. It may not sounds like it would lend itself to enjoyable writing, but I find Levine’s style the best of anyone I read.

Benedict Evans’ Newsletter – Benedict Evans, formerly of VC firm Andreesen Horowitz, summarizes what’s happened in the tech industry that week and occasionally includes a self-written blog post. Excellent, thoughtful coverage. Breadth over depth.

Python Weekly – The best programming newsletter I read by a wide margin. Usually has a few articles worth reading and a list of notable open source projects. For a power Python user, very worthwhile.


Alex Danco – Frankly I know almost nothing about who Alex Danco is, but his blog on technology and finance is top-notch. Great analysis of topical issues backed by real knowledge of the industry and of tech.

Stratechery – Ben Thompson analyzes recent tech news each week. Usually he picks one big story about a major tech company and discusses why it makes sense (or doesn’t) given their strategy. Thompson particularly likes to view things through Aggregation Theory, an idea he’s developed about how certain tech firms serve as connectors between supply and demand and thus capture an enormous amount of leverage in an industry.


EconTalk – A podcast that I initially thought too dry eventually became my very favorite. Economist Russ Roberts interviews various guests about their work, which is generally well beyond economics. Nearly every episode changes my opinions about something. Sometimes Russ disagrees with his guest, but he always notes that he could be wrong. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

FiveThirtyEight Politics – The FiveThirtyEight political team discusses current events in terms of their likely impact on upcoming elections. Data-driven but also reliably somewhat entertaining.

Hello Internet – CGP Grey and Brady Haran, two popular YouTube creators, pretty much just chat for an hour and call it a podcast. Topics range from productivity tips to the quality of various world flags.

The Tony Kornheiser Show – Tony Kornheiser, of Pardon the Interruption fame, hosts a daily radio show along with a rotating cast of smart friends. The show has been running for more than 25 years. At this point, it’s (thankfully) only nominally about sports. Hard to beat the quality of the inside jokes and listener mail, and it’s actually become a good way for me to keep up with current events I otherwise would never even hear about (e.g. British Royal Family shenanigans).

The Lowe Post – Obviously I’d only recommend this to basketball fans, but Zach Lowe is clearly the best sportswriter I’ve read. He embraces analytics but still talks about the importance of hard-to-measure factors, and just as importantly he has a good sense of humar. As an NBA nerd, this is a great listen.