Rohs is a very nice coffee shop. Sure, the chairs could be more comfortable and the wifi could be faster, but the environment is a great mix of classy and comfortable. The coffee is quite good, the lighting is excellent, and the level of crowding is perfect – never too empty but never full. In fact, I really don’t have much to say about Rohs except that it’s solid and I like the place. The one (big) downside of the place is its location: Clifton. Not only is Clifton just kind of a grimy, sad part of Cincinnati, it also has far and away the worst parking situation in the city. And when you want to go to a coffee shop, you usually want to get out of your car and leave it somewhere. The dearth of parking has once driven me away entirely and another time forced me to execute the always-fun two-person parallel park, where a kindly (and somewhat pitying) friend guides you carefully into an absurdly small space. Still, Rohs escapes a larger penalty for this major problem because I’ve realized that I just have to limit my visits to weekends and college classtime, when the university students who live nearby move their cars.