Formerly known as Kidd Coffee, Hyde Perk is less than 3 minutes by foot from my apartment, so I feel obligated to walk there. I don’t really like walking, so that’s a bit of a drawback. I find the ambience and chair comfort to be HP’s strong suits. On the other hand, it’s too expensive and I am a little worried that the new name is intended to pay homage to Friends (Central Perk), arguably the worst TV show I have consumed in entirety. And by far the worst thing about the place is its live music. Perhaps I find myself in the minority here, but there are few things in life I dread like being in a café when a musician hijacks the place. On three separate occasions, I have been cornered at Hyde Perk and subjected to a performance. I’ve reluctantly removed my earphones, resigned myself to getting no work done, and begun searching for discreet escape routes. If Hyde Perk is reincarnated as Café Nervosa and cuts the live music nonsense, it can expect a better rating next time.