Blog Posts

  • Automation at 84.51˚

    My colleague Dominick Ghirardo and I wrote a short piece for our company’s tech blog on approaching automation in data science.
  • Setting Up Raspberry Pis (the Full Version)

    I’ve set up three Raspberry Pis over the last two days. By set up, I mean I burned the disk image to the SD card, got the Pi connected to the network and open to SSH, installed the tools I’m going to want every time, etc. Basically, make it just another identical worker node. I own six Pis total (for...
  • A Non-Gamer Takes on The Witcher 3

    In March, I finally built a computer for the first time. I think this qualified as a seminal moment in the life of a young geek. I’ve enjoyed programming on my new “rig” quite a bit, but I also felt like it would be a waste not to try gaming on it. So in early June, I pulled the trigger...