• Apple Music Had Its Chance

    With the announcement of Apple One in September, I decided to reevaluate my loyalty to Spotify. If Apple was going to offer me a (slightly) discounted rate if I went all-in on their services, I wanted to have a good look at Apple Music and see if it could replace Spotify for me. After almost three months of use, my...
  • Discovery Fiction

    I recently discovered and binged the Ben, Ben and Blue podcast. The hosts all work in STEM education to some degree, and while that topic isn't explicitly the focus of the show, it comes up a lot. In one episode, Grant Sanderson (one of the hosts) talks about how it's teach new ideas by recapping the actual discovery of the...
  • P90X: I Hate It, but I Love It

    I've dabbled in P90X videos in the past, but only dabbled. At different times, I got into the cardio and ab workout videos for a month or so, but I never made any attempt to actually complete the 90-day program – I had only even tried maybe 5 of the videos. But starting at the beginning of August, I leapt into P90X.
  • State of the Tools 2020: Hardware

    I spend a lot of time on meta-productivity: thinking about how to get work done better and faster. The majority of that thinking is around technology and specifically the tech tools I use. Maybe thinking about my workflow has returns large enough to offset the time it consumes in my life, but frankly it doesn't matter too much to me...
  • Analyzing My Runs

    For a while now, I’ve been thinking about how interesting it would be to look at data on my running habits. Depending on the time of year and some other factors, I probably run 1-4 times a week, and I’ve been running semi-regularly since college.