• P90X: I Hate It, but I Love It

    I've dabbled in P90X videos in the past, but only dabbled. At different times, I got into the cardio and ab workout videos for a month or so, but I never made any attempt to actually complete the 90-day program – I had only even tried maybe 5 of the videos. But starting at the beginning of August, I leapt into P90X.
  • State of the Tools 2020: Hardware

    I spend a lot of time on meta-productivity: thinking about how to get work done better and faster. The majority of that thinking is around technology and specifically the tech tools I use. Maybe thinking about my workflow has returns large enough to offset the time it consumes in my life, but frankly it doesn't matter too much to me...
  • Analyzing My Runs

    For a while now, I’ve been thinking about how interesting it would be to look at data on my running habits. Depending on the time of year and some other factors, I probably run 1-4 times a week, and I’ve been running semi-regularly since college.
  • On the Good Things About Twitter

    Over the past few years, I have heard many people repeatedly note the downsides of Twitter, particularly its impact on our society. I don’t agree with all of those criticisms, but some are legitimate and most deserve a serious discussion. This isn’t that discussion, though. Instead, I’d like to spend some time on the many merits of Twitter, so lost...
  • Scaling Data Science Across Python and R

    My colleague Brad Boehmke and I made a guest appearance on the Talk Python to Me podcast to talk about the challenges of supporting a large data science department that uses both R and Python. You can listen to the episode on any podcast player.