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Ethan Speaking

Programming with AI: How LLMs are changing the way we write code

Large language models were the biggest story in tech in 2023. Many industries are grappling with whether and how LLMs will impact their work in the future, but in the case of data science and software development, useful tools already exist and some practitioners are incorporating them into workflows to great effect. In this talk, I discussed how LLMs can amplify the practice of writing code in the present, and how the industry might change in response over the coming years.
Conference Talk
University of Cincinnati Data Science Symposium 2023

Deploying a Model Prediction Server (Tutorial)

This is a 3-hour tutorial during which we start with a trained scikit-learn model and incrementally build a working FastAPI application to deliver its predictions in realtime. It’s targeted at data scientists, and no prior experience with API development is expected.
Conference Talk
PyCon 2023

ML Engineering: From Models to Value

This was one of the featured presentations at UC’s Data Science Symposium. I discussed what machine learning engineering is, why companies should consciously allocate roles for it, and how to organize a combined team of data scientists and ML engineers. Unfortunately the talk wasn’t recorded, but you can view the slides using the link below.
Conference Talk
University of Cincinnati Data Science Symposium 2022

Foundational Infrastructure to Create a Successful Data Science Team

My talk with┬áteammates Brad Boehmke and Gus Powers about what it takes to build internal tooling that effectively enables a large department of data scientists. Fairly high-level and doesn’t require too much technical background.
Conference Talk
PyData Global 2021

Python Bytes, Episode 252

I was a guest on the Python Bytes Podcast to join in the week’s roundup of news in the Python world. We talked about JupyterLab Desktop, requests-cache, and a new PEP in the works to simplify the typing of decorators.
Podcast Appearance
Python Bytes Podcast

Scaling Data Science Across Python and R

My boss, Brad Boehmke, and I went on the Talk Python Podcast to discuss the benefits and challenges of supporting both R and Python across a large data science department at 84.51˚.
Podcast Appearance
Talk Python Podcast