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Speaking Appearances

ML Engineering: From Models to Value

Conference Talk University of Cincinnati Data Science Symposium
A discussion of what machine learning engineering is, why companies should consciously allocate roles for it, and how to organize a combined team of data scientists and ML engineers. Unfortunately the talk wasn’t recorded, but you can view the slides using the link below.

Python Bytes, Episode 252

Podcast Appearance Python Bytes Podcast
I was a guest on the Python Bytes Podcast to join in the week’s roundup of news in the Python world. We talked about JupyterLab Desktop, requests-cache, and a new PEP in the works to simplify the typing of decorators.

Scaling Data Science Across Python and R

Podcast Appearance Talk Python Podcast
My boss, Brad Boehmke, and I went on the Talk Python Podcast to discuss the benefits and challenges of supporting both R and Python across a large data science department at 84.51˚.